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First 2020 GTLE Comes off at All Centers in Ghana

Candidates write the first 2020 GTLE under COVID-19 Protocol Conditions

The first COVID-19 time Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination, GTLE, event, originally planned to occur in March 2020, came off on Sunday 21st June 2020 at all the 27 designated examination centres. As early as 6:30 AM most of the venues were active with examinees arriving to settle for the day's events. The papers started at 9:00 AM with Numeracy Skills; it lasted for 75 minutes. It was followed by the Essential Professional Skills paper, which also lasted for 75 minutes. The last paper was the Literacy Skills paper; it commenced at 2:00 PM and was over by 3:15 PM.

Candidates arrived at the venues in their COVID-19 personal protective gear including nose masks, hand sanitizers and, in some cases, disposable gloves. The centres also had their Veronica buckets, washing soap and hand sanitizers. Each venue had a bold inscription which read NO MASK, NO ENTRY. The centres did well by implementing the physical distancing requirements in the arrangements of seats and tables. Candidates wore their face masks before during and after each paper.

The new timetable for the examination was announced by the National Teaching Council, NTC after the government announced the easing of the COVID-19 restrictions on the citizenry. While some of the candidates were writing the examination for the first time, others were resiting for one or two papers. Some candidates were resiting specific papers for the third time. Some of the Candidates wrote all the three papers, of Literacy Skills, Essential Professional Skills and Numeracy Skills, on the same day. Every candidate can attempt a paper a maximum of four times. If they are not successful after four attempts, the candidate is barred from becoming a teacher under the Ghana Education Service. Such a person also loses the chance of becoming admitted to the professional class of teachers ever again in Ghana. 

The National Teaching Council is the administrator of the examination. It manages the examination as part of a broader mandate that requires it to, among other things, promote teacher licensure and continuing professional development in Ghana. This was the fourth event since the inception of the programme in 2018.